Sweet and Easy Fall Decor!!

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If you are like me and can’t get enough of those adorable little candy pumpkins that start appearing everywhere this time of year, are in need of some fast, cheap and cute Fall decorations, look no further I have just what you need!!  All this project is going to take is 32 oz. of candy corn, 32 oz. of candy pumpkins, 2 – 12 inch pieces of ribbon, and two tall glass jars of your choice.  See what I mean?  Super easy, fast, cheap, and totally adorbs!!!  Oh and I forgot to mention, they are pretty yummy too so you might want to keep some extra candy on hand to fill up your top layers from time to time, especially if you have a hubby like mine that eats some every time he walks by them.

First things first, let’s get all of our supplies opened, cleaned and ready for easy access.  Once you get your glass containers cleaned out and dry you will need to get them measured so you know how high to make each level.  I tried to do it just by guessing and of course, I guessed wrong and had to start over.  You can use whatever design you like, i chose to do 4 layers in each container. 

My container was 9 inches high so I decided I was going to make each layer about 2 1/4  inches tall (give or take a pumpkin or two).  If I had decided to do 3 layers I would have made each layer 3 inches tall.  We already have our candy set aside so lets get started.  All you need to do is rotate back and forth between the Candy Corn and the Pumpkins trying to keep each layer as close as you can to your measurement.  No snacking until you are done though so you can make sure you have enough candy!!

Layers are done so now it’s time to wrap it in a cute bow or some rustic twine.  Some like to put it in the middle but it’s really your preference.  I put it about three quarters of the way up the container depending on the container. 

Look at that, all done and so cute!!!  Now for the hard part……  Don’t eat the decor!!!!

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