Spooktacular Kitchen Cabinets

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Halloween has quietly crept upon us so it’s time to change over our kitchen cabinets form our beautiful Autumn leaves to some spooky Halloween creatures!!  The transformation can be done in less than 10 minutes and can just as quickly be changed right back over to our Autumn leaves to get us in the mood for Thanksgiving.  I usually decorate for Fall around the second week of September and then on October 1st I start incorporating Halloween into it.  You will notice a big majority of your Fall décor looks adorable mixed with Halloween décor.  After Halloween all you have to do is turn your Jack O’Lanterns around to hide their scary faces, remove the ghosts and ghouls then replace them with some happy turkeys and cute scarecrows, so easy!!

I found some spooktacular clip on creepy crawlies at Walmart for $.98 each.  I found the perfect selection that were scary, colorful and sparkly just the way I like them so let’s get started!!

Don’t be sad to remove the beautiful Autumn leaves because don’t forget they will will be back bright and early on November 1st.  Our burlap ribbon is going to stay up for the whole Fall season so we will only need to remove our leaves.  Very gently grip onto the large end of the clip on the back of the ribbon in the small slit we cut out last month,  be careful because these clips can break off very easily.  Open the clip and just pull it backwards to remove it.  This would also be a great time to make sure your tape holding the burlap ribbon on is still in good shape on the back of the cabinet door so we don’t have any spiders or bats falling down from our cabinet doors onto our kitchen counters in the middle of the night. 

It is best to start out by getting a layout of colors and characters.  It always turns out better when you have a good variety going instead of having the same colors or designs right by each other.  Spread the spooky, sparkly colors and creepies all around so you have something new every time you turn your head.  These make such great conversation starters and get visitors looking at the whole kitchen and all of the festive displays you have put together instead of focusing on one area because our cabinets usually wrap around our whole kitchen.

Our Halloween clips can be attached just as easily as our Autumn leaves.  I like to stagger the directions they face as I clip them on.  I think the staggering makes it look more fun and frivolous instead of orderly and boring.  Again, be gentle when clipping them into the slit in the ribbon.

That’s it!!  Your kitchen has now been transformed from our beautiful Fall cabinets to spooktacular Halloween.  With the addition of some scary pumpkins, ghosts and goblin accents to the house, your family will be in the mood for some trick or treating and Halloween fun all month long. 

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