Bringing Fall to your Kitchen Cabinets

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A quick, cheap and easy idea to get your cabinets ready for fall!!  I made a quick trip to Dollar Tree and was able to transform my Kitchen cabinets into an integral part of my Fall decor.  For my whole kitchen I purchased 7 2-packs of clip on leaves, each 2-pack was…. wait for it…… $1.00!!  I also found 9 ft. rolls of 2 in. burlap ribbon which were also just $1.00 each.  I ended up using about 4 of those.  The only other item I used was some packing tape which I already had.  $11.00 plus tax and the Kitchen cabinets were all decked out for Fall!!

9 ft roll of 2 inch burlap ribbon
2 inch wide burlap ribbon with finished edges

It’s helpful to take a quick measurement, which doesn’t have to be perfect, just to get an idea of how much ribbon you are going to need to buy.  I didn’t do this and ended up having to go back up there midway through my project because it ran out.  One of these times I will learn my lesson.  When measuring don’t forget that you need about 3 inches extra on the top and bottom to wrap around the back of the door for the tape.

Cut half inch vertical slice in center of ribbon
Attach top and bottom of ribbon to back of cabinet with tape

Once the ribbon is cut and attached to the back of the cabinet door with tape as pictured, decide where you would like to clip on your leaves.  I like mine towards the middle but the cabinets are not all the same height.  Measure from the bottom of the cabinet doors a desired height.  I went with 11 inches from the bottom of all cabinet doors so i had consistency with placement and they weren’t all up and down.Once you get your spot picked for the leaf, take some scissors and cut about a half inch slice into the center of the ribbon.

Clip on Fall leaf
Gently clip leaf into the slice you cut in the ribbon

The next step is to very gently clip on the leaves into the slice you made in the ribbon.  I staggered my leaves so they were facing opposite directions and weren’t all facing the same way but you should try both ways to see which way you think looks best for your Kitchen.

Clip leaves in any direction you like
Add leaves in a viariety of colors to really add some Fall splash to your Kitchen

There you have it!!  In under 30 minutes and less than $15.00 we brought in some beautiful Fall colors to our Kitchen.  You can put your own spin on this by using colored ribbon, different clips, add bows or just use the ribbon alone.  The options are limitless!!

Kitchen cabiniets all decorated for Fall
Orange, Gold and Brown leaves attached to burlap ribbon
Attach leaves in different directions directions for a variety

I hope you enjoyed this quick, cheap and easy idea to get your cabinets ready for Fall.  Happy Decorating!!

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