Fall 3 Tiered Stand Decor

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View of back and left side
View of right side

I always look forward to the change of seasons and holidays so I can change out my galvanized 3 tier tray.

Layer of moss topping 2 inch white foam

I purchased some 2 inch thick foam that I cut out to match the sizes of each tier. I then topped each piece of foam with some green moss to hide it. You could use anything you like to do this or maybe even spray paint it.

Spread out loose leaves over green moss
Beautiful base of Fall leaves

For our fall display I topped the moss with loose fall leaves that I found at Dollar tree for, you guessed it, $1 each. I used about 3 bags (Save leftovers for other projects).

Small plaque
Fruit/Vegetable Accents
Scented Fall Wax Tart from Happy Candle Scents
Decorative box filled with scented wax melts
Small Fall candle from Happy Candle Scents
Initialed accents surrounded with scented wax melts, leaves and acorns
Cherry accent with Sunflowers, pinecones and scented wax melts

The next step is to pick out your favorite small fall nick nacks, pictures, or even candles. Depending on the size, I usually go with 5 items on the bottom, 4 in the middle, and 3 on top.

Hay bale, acorns, flowers, and leaves as accents
Scented, wax dipped fall pine cones as an accent

Now it is time to fill in empty spots with extras, such as pine cones, acorns, leaves, hay bales, scented Fall wax melts (a how to is soon to come), flowers or any small fall fill ins you find adorable.

Front view completed with burlap bow

I finished mine off with a piece of 2 inch burlap ribbon that I wrapped around the middle level and tied it in a cute bow.  Voila!!! There you have it, an adorable accent to any room. This is a great conversation piece as well because everyone stops to look at all of the different accents that have been added to it. I put mine on my kitchen island so it can be viewed from every angle.

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