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    Hi there, welcome to Happy Wifey DIY!!!  My name is Debbie, and I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to visit our page.  I know firsthand how hard it can be to  juggle family, home and work while still trying to find time for yourself.  If all of those things are running smoothly and are happy it makes for a very happy wifey.

   I love being a wife, mother, and gammy and thoroughly enjoy making our house a home through decorating, cooking, gardening, crafting, and home improvement projects.  My goal when deciding to create this page is to show everyone that you shouldn’t be intimidated by trying out new projects.  If you see something you really like, go ahead and try to make it yourself just the way you want it instead of relying on someone else to make you their version.  I really think you would be surprised just how much you can accomplish yourself if you just try, I know I was.

    My goal when creating is that it is pretty, easy, cheap to make, and most importantly brings someone happiness even if it is just me sometimes.  I hope you enjoy and try the ideas, projects, recipes I post.   When you do, add your own touches and share the finished products with us!!  Please reach out and send us pictures and comments of any of your own personal creations as well so everyone can enjoy them.  Never be afraid to at least try, if it brings a smile to your face and makes you happy then I say mission accomplished.


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